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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bible Study and Software

Back in 1991 I bought my first computer. I had been working on them since high school in the early 80's (TRS80's), but had never broken down and purchased one until early in 1991 (with the rationale of working on my resume). It was a very decent 286DX machine with a VGA monitor. The downside to this was it made it easy to feed by video game addiction, but that's for another time.

I used that computer for a number of purposes, including Bible study. At this stage, I was using PC Study Bible (I still have some notes from studies I did with that early version of Bible software). Eventually, I decided to trade in PC Study Bible for Logos 2.0. At the time, it was impressive, but we have really come a long way in the last decade or so.

I've read some about Accordance for the Mac and know a few people who use BibleWorks on the PC, but I'm still a convinced Logos (aka Libronix) user. Librononix 3.0 was released earlier in the summer, and there are some really nice improvements (though, as is typical with major releases of Libronix, it takes a hefty machine to run it fast).

This is not a review (or a sales pitch) but a note that I'm spending more time with 3.0 trying to learn some of the newer tools available. As part of doing this I've agreed to support an attempt to create a timeline of the life of Jesus in Libronix. This is being coordinated through the Logos newsgroups (if you don't know, it would take to long to explain). All of this rambling is about the slowdown in posting that is likely to continue. Blogging is interesting, but this work could be valuable (to me at least). We get close to being done of the timeline, maybe I'll publish a screenshot out here.

As a final note, I highly recommend checking out Pastor Mark Dever's latest post at the T4G blog.


Blogger Faded Wolf said...

I just checked out Dever's post. It was good to hear that from him. I am just starting to blog again. I have put a new post out today, but I know where you are coming from on more important things. I do hope to see your work when it is done, whether you post it or not

8:36 PM EDT  
Blogger Taliesin said...

Danke. The work on the timeline is progressing well. I'm not sure we'll get it done this weekend, but, God willing, we will be nearly complete. On a selfish level, I probably would be able to place all the events better if I had done it on my own, but the team effort will make it available for wider use sooner (we're basing it on A. T. Robertson's Harmony of the Gospels, which is public domain). So if not this weekend, maybe it will be done by Tuesday.

9:57 PM EDT  

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