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Monday, January 29, 2007

Football: The New American Religion

FYI: First Post with Googles New Blogger

Well, here goes nothing. At least I didn't seem to lose anything in the transition. The question now is whether or not to continue to use the Technorati tags or switch to the blogger tags?

I passed a church sign on my way home today that said:

If God is Love
Go Colts!

I'm sure the first is a sermon title (having passed this term before) and the second is merely a show of support for the local NFL team which (finally) has made it to the Super Bowl. I'm reminded that the local radio station that carries the games has a song "Lord Help Our Colts" as well. Considering that Sunday used to be about church and now it is about football for a significant portion of the population, has football become our new religion?

Lest anyone mistake my statements as looking down on others, I have managed to mention the Colts in my last two posts (and will likely post a huge "Colts Win" should they beat the Bears in the Super Bowl). I'm just thinking out loud and at least partly to myself about what the boundaries should be here. I would suspect that of the local churches that have a Sunday evening service still (many around here do not) many will cancel this coming Sunday because attendance will be down due to the game. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised; many local business (and some schools) have announced closings for Monday if the Colts win.

So I'm just thinking, that's all. If people can post on Ultimate Fighting and their college teams, maybe I shouldn't be so hard on churches, business, and schools that are supporting the local pro football team.

By the way:

Go Blue!


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