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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Recent Posts Worth Reading - July 18, 2006

"What the American Church Is Doing Right - Part 1" is well worth 10 minutes or so of your time.

"As more people wake up to the shallow messages preached in many of those churches, realizing that they've strayed away from the sacred and into tawdry dog and pony shows, we'll see change."

Also, Dan Phillips has a another excellent post at Teampyro about not being ashamed of the Gospel.

"I will admit that I have a bad case of idiomanumoragorophobia. That's the fear of being publicly made a fool by my own hands. It isn't the fear that I'll be asked a question that has no good answer; it's that I won't have the answer, the perfect answer, and will simply do a passable imitation of a wet trout on a dry, flat, hot rock."

Finally, if you're interested in the debate over the SBC resolution on alcohol, I recommend you check out the concerned SBC'er blog. In responding to those who hold the total abstinence position, he links to their articles if you want to see the opposing view.


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