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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Timeline of the Life of Jesus


An interesting article about Logos Bible Software can be found here.

The timeline is available here.

Original Post:

With reference to this post:

We have completed version 1.0 of the timeline (just checking links before we publish it to the Logos community). Lest anyone assume I put forth a lot of effort on this, let me post here what I put on the Logos newsgroup:

To anyone who uses this, Barry deserves a major thank you. Barry's "beefed up skeleton" was a complete outline with just titles and references missing. Then he enlisted his sons and completed the majority of that work.

In other words, I edited a few lines which Barry had already created. Barry has generated other "user created" material for Logos (for a fairly complete list of all user created material, look here). He's definitely more savvy about this than I. We have been discussing how we might improve the timeline for 2.0. This is based on A.T. Robertson's Harmony of the Gospels. There are other harmonies we might use. I'm also thinking about adding more resolution to some of the dates. But at the very least this gives a general chronology and order (and something to tinker with to make improvements).

So this is what it looks like (there are parts off-screen to which you can scroll - and it may be too small to see any details). Once this is officially out I'll post a link for any Logos users who happen to stumble across this.


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