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Friday, September 01, 2006

BoB's for the Week Ending September 2nd

I'm getting this out early as this is family reunion weekend. In part, that means all day tomorrow is planned to be spent barbecuing (see photo).

Best of the Blogs:

Let's start with four questions. Over at Voice of Vision Pastor JD Hatfield (Even So) looks at Four Questions Every Christian Asks and keeps ending up at the fruit of the Spirit (and rightly so). Pastor Hatfield had several other posts worth checking out this week as well, including a short gospel message.

Over at Faith and Practice Nathan Busenitz has started a series on Dispensationalism. While I'm not a dispensationalist, I do think reading this is helpful in understanding distinctives and the discussions have been fitting for brothers in Christ.

While I want to highlight Jonathan Moorhead's post on Preaching Election with the Gospel, what Jonathan really needs to be noted for this week is his effort to get Christian bloggers to post prominent links to Gospel presentations. Thanks Jonathan!

Gene Bridges over at Strange BaptistFire lets us know about an upcoming conference on the Trinity and discusses why this doctrine is worth discussing.

Centuri0n noted similarities in anti-intellectual tendencies between fundies and the emergent church, both of whom have more important things to do (like ministry) than waste time on Frank.

Frank (Turk) otherwise has had not so good a week, along with a couple of other people prominent in Reformed blogging circles (for an update on James White's situation, click here). Be sure to keep these people in your prayers. One way that you could help Frank is, if you're looking for unique back to school/work/church clothing, drop by the Pawn Shop (and be sure to check out the "Homeboy" line).

Since I've already mentioned the other two Pyro's (actually, I didn't mention Phil, but he did the last post mentioned), Dan Phillips has a great read on whether or not Christianity is rational.

Mark Dever asks us to be willing to offend in presenting the Gospel. After all, Jesus is a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense.

Finally, in a good follow-up to my post on theological triage, Mark Lauterbach has been doing a series all week on what hill to die on. The link is to just the first post; you can navigate to the remaining five using the links at the top of Mark's page.

Best of the "Not Exactly" Blog Posts:

You may want to bookmark Tim Challies list of Reformed Conferences.

There's now a blog for people reading through David Wells' Above All Earthly Powers in preparation for the upcoming DG national conference. Details about how this works can be found here.

Something that is likely to be of interest for Logos (Libronix/eBible) users out there, Joe Kreif has posted the works of John Owen at Truth Is Still Truth. These are user created books, so they don't have the quality of a full-fledged Logos title, but until we can convince Logos to do this, you'll at least have a searchable version of some of Owen's works.

The Desiring God website has been relaunched. For a tour, click here.

Lighter fair can be found at Sacred Sandwich. Thanks Dan!

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