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Friday, August 25, 2006

BoB's for the Week Ending August 26th

BoB's in the engineering world are "Best of the Best". Here they're "Best of the Blogs".

Mark Driscoll may have spent too much time in Starbuck's this week as he has a couple of rants on his blog at Resurgence.com. In the first he uses the LA Times to show why mainline denominations are in trouble and in the process provides ten steps to destroying a denomination. Then later this week in a second post he discusses how mainline denominations want to rename the members of the Trinity. Hmmm, ranting may be the best response after all.

Two items to note on Islam. Over at Truth Is Still Truth (even if you don't believe it), the series "Blogging through the Quran" continues with Sura 4. Much of what is discussed there is also reflected in Kim Riddlebarger's post One More Time - Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace. In the post Kim wonders if American Christians know their faith well enough to engage the increasing number of Muslims in America. Addendum Sunday Night: Here's a link to some posts about a teaching session James White held on Islam.

Phil Johnson over at TeamPyro posted Personal Memories of Spurgeon. One tidbit of information that stood out was the following: "Mrs. Spurgeon, a most gifted and charming lady, had a dozen cows and the profits of her dairy then supported a missionary in London; and the milk was sent around the neighborhood in a wagon labeled, 'Charles H. Spurgeon, Milk Dealer.'" If you've ever read Spurgeon, you know he dealt in meat as well.

Mark Lauterbach draws a distinction between Suspicion and Discernment then later discusses how we should read the Old Testament.

Tom Ascol reads Christianity Today and reflects on signs of hope for the church in America.

Tim Challies reflects on what the climatic scene of the Lord of the Rings says about human depravity.

On the lighter side, Tim Challies investigates accusations that Mark Driscoll is theo-doping.

Late addition on Saturday morning: Jonathan Moorhead discusses preaching election with the gospel. This is an interesting look at what place, if any, does election have in a gospel presentation.


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