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Monday, October 02, 2006

Thoughts about the DG'06 National Conference

This is the first Desiring God conference I have been too. I have seen John Piper live at a Ligonier national conference, a Ligonier regional conference (just he and RC), and once preaching at Bethlehem Baptist. The only other speaker I had seen live before the conference was Vodie Baucham at the 2004 SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) Pastors' Conference in Indianapolis. I had some level of familiarity with the other speakers through written and recorded resources.

I'm not going to try to duplicate in any detail the messages. They should be available for download within a few days at the Desiring God website, and I would recommend that you listen to each of them. More immediate details are available at Challies.com, Tim Challies' pastor's blog, Adrian Warnock's blog, Joshua Harris' blog, New Attitude, and other places as well, I would guess (the links here are just to their last postings on the conference - for most there is more than one post on the conference).

My Hopes
  1. I learned something from each of these speakers. I hope that it gets applied in my life.
  2. While the styles differed, each speaker presented Jesus Christ as supreme. I hope that content doesn't get lost in controversy.
  3. I hope discussion on the conference does not denigrate into personal attacks but is God honoring and Christ glorifying.
  4. I hope the fact that David Wells affirmed that he and Mark Driscoll were saying the same thing doesn't get lost in the humor of "I want to be hip too, man."
  5. I hope we all realize that we risk hiding the glory of Christ if we are concerned about being clever (or witty, or funny, or profound). Josh Harris (see final paragraphs) is right and wrong about Piper's admonition. He's right that it applies to those other than Mark Driscoll, but he's wrong when he limits it the the "young guns."
  6. I hope people remember and emulate the humility and transparency of John Piper when he was willing to publicly acknowledge the rebuke (see the third paragraph from the bottom) that he (Piper) "is clever academicly."
  7. I hope that any who attended from emerging/emergent churches heard and understood why we take absolute truth and the gospel seriously, including Piper's statements on Sunday morning about why we have to defend the faith once for all delivered.
  8. I also hope they heard John Piper's compassion and love on Sunday morning.
  9. I hope that God continues to bless the ministries and teaching of David Wells, Vodie Baucham, Tim Keller, Mark Driscoll, D.A. Carson, and John Piper. Each of these men are gifted differently and serve in different areas (geographically and otherwise - i.e. pastors, seminary professors, apologists), but each, I'm convinced, play a positive role in God's kingdom.
  10. I hope that all who attended, and all who will listen to the audio and/or watch the video, will be drawn by God to worship Jesus Christ who is above all earthly powers and wisdom.
I want to wish anyone at Mars Hill Church who might happen to read this happy 10th anniversay. Also, I want to thank everyone who worked at the conference for your time and service.


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