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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Filler Videos

I'm working on a post that isn't cooperating (which is perhaps the only way blogs are nicer than preaching and teaching - if it hasn't come together it can cook a while longer). In the meantime, take a look at these:

This is from the same message as the previous Piper video I shared.

I've been thinking about Scripture since the PCRT conference this year. The following from Alistair Begg speaks to this issue.

This is RC Sproul discussing the significance of the Bible to the Reformation. This is something of an ad for the Reformation Study Bible (ESV), but there is enough content here to make it worth viewing.

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Blogger greg said...

Hey Eddie,

This is Greg Adkins down in Knoxville. I'm not sure we've ever actually met, but I noticed you were a fan of my music. Congratulations... you're officially like, my 3rd fan (behind mom and dad). :)

Seriously though, I wanted to talk to you about something... could you shoot me an email? I couldn't figure out a way to email you from your page so I'm just leaving you a comment. My email is: gadkinsATpowellchurch.com (use @ instead of AT).

Thanks man... hope to hear from you soon!

- Greg

1:56 PM EDT  

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