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Friday, October 13, 2006

Conference Time Again

Not as big as the DG National Conference, our local Reformation Society is having a conference tonight and in the morning on God's Kingdom at War. I'm not going to live blog or anything, but if I get the chance I'll post some highlights.


Blogger Even So... said...

It's waaaaaaaaayayyyyyyyyaayaayayayyyy tougher than I might have imagined...I'm putting up the rest of Brandon starting Monday...

7:44 PM EDT  
Blogger Taliesin said...

LOL. I'm probably going to post on the first message by Rick Phillips, but I don't know if I'll try the other sessions. They were great, but it is deep and some of it will require more study (particularly the discussion of the kingdom by Dr. Blackwood).

While I would have loved to been in Brandon, God blessed here as well. In part because I got to go with Phil (my nephew) which sort of made up for him not being able to go to Minneapolis.

9:23 PM EDT  

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