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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Thankful on Thursday - DG06

I have much to be thankful to God our Father and Jesus Christ His Son for about this past weekend. Wonderful speakers who led us into worship by pointing us to Jesus; great times of worship in song (for those in larger churches, you might not have noticed a difference, but 3,000 voices make a big difference compared to 75); safe travel to and from the conference (roughly an 11 hour drive each way); free audio downloads of the messages; an awesome bookstore; and a godly example of how Christians should relate to one another.

The final words of exhortaion at the end of D.A. Carson's message on the Supremacy of Christ and Love still sound in my ears - "Worship. Worship. Worship."


Blogger Chris said...

Ah, D.A. Carson...such an excellent speaker. I've got a message from him from the 2005 Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology. I think I'll listen to it tomorrow. :)

1:11 AM EDT  

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