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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

. . . And Now for Something Completely Different

(HT: Tim Challies)

There is a site that let's you make your own version of those fancy motivational posters you see in office superstores (and, I assume therefore, in some offices). So I took it for a spin:

Yes, that's a comic book character (and a rather obscure one at that).

The font I picked for this one is almost unreadable at small size. It says "Brighten the World with Your Glowing Personality." For those who know me, that is not a self-portrait.

. . .

It's my grandfather.

Every serious Star Trek fan is now laughing. Everyone else (and most of the serious Star Trek fans) are now thinking I'm an uber-geek. Star Trek and comic books in one post - Yikes! But, I'm sure Mr. Spock would say this whole post has been "Fascinating" (or maybe not). If you want to try your own hand, click on the title to this post.

Oh, and Uncle Fester and I are not really related, we are just twin sons of different mothers.



Blogger Craver Vii said...

The Spock one was really funny! Did you see Galaxy Quest?

2:11 PM EDT  
Blogger Taliesin said...

Galaxy Quest is one of my favorite comedies. If we get the predicted storms this weekend (and we need the rain) I might have to watch it again.

4:41 PM EDT  

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